“Boston” is a song around a damaged relationship, through the man’s perspective outlined in the verses, and also the hook and also the bridge sees him explaining the woman’s response. It’s… read More 

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In the irradiate of the sun, is over there anyone?Oh it has actually begunOh dear friend look therefore lost, eyes are red and also tears space shedThis civilization you must've crossedYou saidYou don't know me, friend don't also care, five yeahAnd friend saidYou don't know me, and you don't wear mine chains... Five yeahEssential yet appealedCarry all her thoughtsAcross an open up fieldWhen flower gaze at youThey're no the just onesWho cry once they see youOh, you saidYou don't know me, girlfriend don't even care, five yeahWell friend saidYou don't recognize me, and also you don't wear my chains... Oh yeah
She said I think I'll go to BostonI think I'll start a brand-new lifeI think I'll start it over, wherein no one knows my nameI'll get out that California, I'm worn down of the weatherI think I'll gain a lover and also fly him the end to SpainOh yeah and I think I'll walk to BostonI think that I'm simply tiredI think I need a brand-new town, to leaving this all behindI think I need a sunrise, I'm exhausted of the sunsetI listen it's nice in the summer, part snow would certainly be niceOh yeahYou don't recognize me, and you don't also care, five yeahBostonWhere nobody knows mine nameWhere nobody knows mine nameWhere no one knows mine name, yeahBostonWhere nobody knows my name
“Boston” is a song around a broken relationship, through the man’s perspective outlined in the verses, and the hook and the leg sees that explaining the woman’s response. It’s obvious from she voice the she’s had actually an exceedingly an overwhelming life (despite most likely being rather young once featuring as the catalyst for this song) and believes that while the singer may care around her, he will never recognize her.

This song driven Augustana into the spotlight and also remains their most recognizable song, regardless of it gift their first single—the fact that it appeared on shows such as One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and Smallville certainly didn’t hurt.


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