Zion Williamson proved off his rim-rocking skills at the 2018 McDonald’s all-American game in March. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Zion Williamson may have included some weight, however he hasn’t lost one little bit of his capacity to defy gravity. Newly provided by battle each other at a startle 285 pounds, the 6-foot-7 freshman soared Tuesday for a practice-session dunk — indigenous behind the cost-free throw line.

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Okay, his toe can have nudged end the line prior to he took off, but that’s about it. So many times, us hear about dunks indigenous the free throw stripe that turn out to have attained liftoff a action inside it, yet this to be legit. Below are a pair more looks:

Have we discussed that Williamson weighs 285 pounds? in ~ least, that’s according come his measurements on Duke’s roster, and also the college would seem come have small reason come inflate the load of a member that its latest crop of one-and-done candidates.

For some perspective, the would have actually made Williamson the second-heaviest NBA player last season, per NBA.com, just behind the Clippers’ 290-pound Boban Marjanovic, that stands a hulking 7-3. Have we mentioned that Williamson is provided at just 6-7?

The most difficult NBA player provided at 6-7 last season to be the Kings’ Nigel Hayes, and he came in at a fairly lithe 254 pounds. Even if official measurements can’t always be taken at confront value — Kevin Durant is notoriously listed at 6-9, even though everyone knows he’s roughly 7 feet tall — Williamson figures to be one of the league’s bulkiest players next season, or anytime he move on come the pros.

Yet all the weight plainly isn’t hindering Williamson’s talent because that jaw-dropping dunks, one the made the 18-year-old native Spartanburg, S.C., an internet sensation when in high school. In fact, he reportedly collection a duke record because that the upright leap critical month, and the team had to advanced its testing tools just to obtain a feeling of his limits.

“At that weight, or roughly that weight, he move as quick as anybody, jumps greater than anybody and also he’s alert,” battle each other Coach Mike Krzyzewski said Friday (via zagsblog.com). “We’re no talking about someone who has actually excess body fat.

“This is a son that’s in pretty darn good shape and also just has actually a man’s mass. It’s much more mass and strength than any form of excess weight. I’m not concerned around that. He’s done yes, really well.”

Krzyzewski added that Williamson is “graceful” and also that his “lateral movement and also speed and also anticipation is off the charts.” The 71-year-old coach emphasized the while “everyone has watched the on YouTube through all the dunking,” Williamson is “a heck of a basketball player.”

We’ll begin to see what sort of a basketball player Williamson is Wednesday, when battle each other takes on Ryerson in Mississauga, Ontario, in ~ the begin of a three-game tour of Canada. The was whereby Tuesday’s aerial assault took place, and the Blue Devils’ enemies up north would be well-advised come think twice about getting between Williamson and the basket.

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